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Supreme Court Of India

Hon’ble Judge(s):

Surya Kant,
J. B. Pardiwala
, JJ

(A) Motor Vehicles Act (59 of 1988) , S.168— Compensation – Enhancement – Injury claim – On account of accident, claimant suffered from paraplegia and got permanent disability of 45% to whole body – Claimant was in business of selling utensils and used to travel to various villages to sell same – With said disability in form of paraplegia it is not possible for him now to walk long distance or stand for long period – His business could be said to have been gravely impacted – Claimant at the time of accident was just 19 years old – Compensation under various heads, accordingly enhanced.

(Para 112)

(B) Motor Vehicles Act (59 of 1988) , S.166— Claim petition – Injury claim – Amount towards future prospects – Even in cases of permanent disablement incurred as result of a motor-accident, claimant can seek, apart from compensation for future loss of income, amounts for future prospects as well.
AIR 2020 SC 776-Followed(Para31)

(Para 31)

(C) Motor Vehicles Act (59 of 1988) , S.168— Compensation – Assessment – Powers of Tribunals – Making monetary assessment of injury suffered is only proces….

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