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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], November 20 (ANI): Supreme Court Judge Justice Abhay Oka on Saturday addressed a seminar organised by Telecom Dispute Statement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) in Pune and said that the Aadhar Act should be amended and remedies should be given to those who are deprived of the Aadhar card.

Justice Abhay Oka’s remarks came at a seminar attended by top officials from the CBI, police and lawyers.

Pointing out the need to make the public aware, Justice Oka said, “lack of legal knowledge among the educated masses results in injustice”.

“As an executive chairperson of legal service authority, I used to travel from one district to another, and interact with people. Earlier I felt that the powers of the authority are very limited,” he added.

“In 2018 we had a workshop in Pune on mediation, and I was the chairman of the high court legal. I got a call from a 75-year-old woman, while I was on my back home after finishing the seminar. Those were the days when linking of Aadhar card with a bank account was in the light,” Justice Oka said, recalling an anecdote.

“The lady told that she lost her husband and was living alone, though monetarily she was affluent her one arm was amputated and was in a wheelchair, she went to a branch where an Aadhar card was provided and was told that she can not be provided with the Aadhar card as they need the impression of 10 fingers, so she called me and sought help as she was not able to operate her account she told me that she will be in a terrible mess, then I called one of the professors in law college and asked him to instruct paralegal volunteers to look into this matter, some young bright students did wonders, and after efforts of two days, the officials reached the woman’s house with a machine and she received her Aadhar within 7 days,” he said further.

While remembering a familiar incident, Justice Oka said, “during our camp days in one of the naxal-affected areas in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, we met some citizens, who informed us that they are not receiving the Aadhar card, that time I felt that the Aadhar act should be amended, and remedy should be provided, for those citizens who are deprived of Aadhar card”. (ANI)


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