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Supreme Court Of India

Hon’ble Judge(s):

M. R. Shah,
M. M. Sundresh
, JJ

National Council for Teacher Education Act (73 of 1993) , S.14(1), S.32— National Council for Teacher Education (Recognition, Norms and Procedure) Regulations (2014) , Regn.7(5)— Constitution of India , Art.226— Recognition of B.Ed. Course – Policy decision by State not to grant recognition – Interference under Art. 226 – Under Regn.7(5), State Government is well within its right to recommend and/or opine that State Government is not in favour of granting further recognition to new B.Ed. colleges as against need of annually 2500 teachers, approximately 13000 students would be passing out every year resulting in unemployment to remaining student – Need of new colleges looking to requirement can be said to be relevant consideration and decision not to recommend further recognition to new B.Ed. colleges on need basis cannot be said to be arbitrary – Therefore quashing of policy decision to not to grant recognition by State by High Court treating it to be arbitrary, unsustainable.
Special Appeal No. 144 of 2014, D/- 10-09-2018 (Utr.)-ReversedAIR 1987 SC 135-Relied on(Para8)

(Para 8)


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