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Madurai: Su Venkatesan, MP, has filed a petition before Supreme Court seeking to implead him in a case pertaining to the conduct of jallikattu. A Constitution Bench will commence hearing of pleas challenging laws in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka which allow the conduct of jallikattu and bullock cart races, on November 23.

In his petition, Venkatesan stated that jallikattu is an ancient valorous event of Tamils dating back to the Pandiyan era in the 3rd Century. It is associated with the cultural and customary spirits of Tamil people. Ancient Tamil literature like ‘Agananooru’ and ‘Purananooru’ speaks about the valour and love of the Tamil community, and jallikattu was mentioned as ‘Yeru Thazhuvudhal’ which means ‘embracing the bull’. This mentions the bond between bulls and the people in ancient Tamil society which continues even now.

Comparing it with ‘Bull Fighting’ in Spain, which is a commercial game held in a stadium every day, he said jallikattu is a cultural event organised by a village committee on the supervision of authorities including district collector, officials of animal and husbandry department along with a team of veterinary doctors.

Venkatesan stated that while horses which participate in Polo at the Olympics are given drugs, the bulls in jallikattu are not administered any prohibited drugs which is ensured by the authorities.

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