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Jaisalmer: The recent probe into the death of a great Indian bustard (GIB) at Degrai pasture land in Jaisalmer on October 17 has revealed that the electricity companies operating near the pasture lands have been violating the Supreme Court orders. The areas surrounding the site where the body of the bird was found after colliding with the high tension wires, do not have bird diverters and the ones which are installed were found to be damaged.

Looking at the negligence, the deputy conservator of the Desert National Park (DNP) Ashish Vyas has written a letter to the district forest conservator and has requested to put new diverters in place of the damaged ones. He has also asked to make it mandatory for the renewable energy companies to install bird diverters.

It is to be mentioned that in the last 3-4 years, around 7 GIBs have died after hitting the high tension electricity wires. Following which the Supreme Court had ordered on April 19, 2021 to put the new electricity wires underground and install bird diverters on the high tension wires.

After the death of the GIB on October 17 in Degrai pasture lands, Vyas was sent to the spot for investigation. He was asked to prepare a factual report and send the same to the senior officers of the forest department. When Vyas inspected the spot, he found serious irregularities by the renewable companies in laying the electricity wires. He mentioned in the letter that the action of the concerned electricity companies falls in the category of violation of the Supreme Court orders which the apex court can announce as contempt of court. He stated that these irregularities might put the department and the state government in an unpleasant situation.

He requested the concerned electricity companies to replace all damaged diverters and take an early action to install bird diverters on the remaining high tension wires and ensure the same. Wildlife expert Sumit Dookia said the high tension wires are killers of critically endangered GIBs. Deaths of birds due to these wires are frequent in the region.

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