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Supreme Court Of India

Hon’ble Judge(s):

M. R. Shah,
M. M. Sundresh
, JJ

Delhi Municipal Corporation Act (66 of 1957) , S.391, S.42(f)— Crematorium – Non closure of – Challenge as to – Concerned crematorium was being used for village people since long much prior Act of 1957 came into force – Residential colonies in nearby vicinity came into existence in 1990, subsequent to said crematorium – Merely because residents of said locality started residing subsequently, it cannot be a ground to shift crematorium and/or not to use said crematorium – Standing Committee took a conscious decision not to close crematorium looking to public interest and in interest of said village people – Order passed by High Court refusing to modify its earlier order directing to shift said crematorium to some other place, set aside.

(Para 5.1

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